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 Time for some diversity

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PostSubject: Time for some diversity   Sun Feb 15 2015, 23:39

Hey everyone, just wanted to share some of my favourite songs and artists from different genres (as the title already indicates  Wink ). I would be happy if anyone likes something or even everything (which i highly doubt  Grinning )

Not much to say about this one, stumbled upon it on lastfm if i remember it right. Female vocals from the singer of Purity Ring (I know it sounds like a group of hardcore christians but they have some decent songs as well  cool ) fit in nicely.

Let's get to something a bit different. Quite hard to describe, guess the list of genres this band crosses is endless  Question but well they don't call it Avantgarde for no reason  Grinning  

Perturbator contributed a few songs on the official soundtrack of Hotline Miami an furthermore drops out very enjoyable albums once in a while. Hotline Miami is an awesome game by the way, if you don't own it yet check it out and get it on the next Steam sale. Said Soundtrack is as fantastic as the game itself and overall one of the best i've ever heard  Very Happy  

Another quite unique band. You probably either love it or hate it. I love it  extra_happy

This song is a bit easier to like than the one before xD Nothing too extraordinary, something between Progressive and Alternativ Rock  Smile Two members of the band play in another band called Cynic, kind of different but awesome as well  Wink

Something special for the end  Grinning If you're totally not into Metal you better just skip this one or you throw a quick glance and maybe learn to appreciate this kind of music  Twisted Evil Oh and yes, the vocalist can do this live, this is not just edited tongue  

Hope you liked it!
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PostSubject: Re: Time for some diversity   Mon Feb 16 2015, 18:55

Thx for sharing  cool

I'm not really into Rock or metal  but that first one and the one from Hotline Miami are nice  bounce

Check out this:
Music Poll
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PostSubject: Re: Time for some diversity   Wed Feb 18 2015, 22:07

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PostSubject: Re: Time for some diversity   

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Time for some diversity
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